Neuromodulation: devices and services

Optimise neurocircuits and brain activities to achieve mental health

The new trend of neuromodulation in the field of mental health involves non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS), which included:

  • Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES, FDA/Taiwan FDA approved)
  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS, FDA/Taiwan FDA approved)
  • Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation (tDCS)
  • Noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation(nVNS)

We help your clinic build NIBS services, including devices lease/purchase, protocol setup and personnel training.

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Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) devices: CES-Ultra

CES-Ultra is manufactured by NeuroFitness in USA. It is approved by FDA as an effective treatment for insomnia, anxiety and depression. As a Cranial Electrical Therapy (CES), it delivers small current to the brain and facilitates the α brain wave related to relaxation, while reduces δ wave associated with fatigue and low mood. Additionally, it potentiates the release of endorphin for mood elevation, while increasing acetylcholine to improve memory and attention.

TMS: Nexstim

Originated from Finland, Nexstim builds TMS devices which are capable of providing standard 10Hz rTMS treatment for depression , and the newly approved 3-minute Theta-Burst Stimulation (TBS) for an accelerated treatment course. With its built-in navigation system used in neurosurgery, Nexstim can increase the chance of treatment success.