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 Medical Technology X Mental Health

Develop the latest technology to promote physical and mental health. 

Technology for physical and mental health

Utilize information technology and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the current state of physical and mental health services.

Employee Assistance Program

An all-remote Employee Assistance Program integrating assessments, consultations, and courses.

    Joyworks Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2018 and is dedicated to developing mental health technology to integrate new technologies with existing medical and psychological services, aiming to enhance the physical and mental health of the entire population. Our key development areas include:
  • Develop AI tools to assist in customer management, detection, and treatment.
  • Establish an online mental and physical health platform integrating video services, product sales, and home testing.
  • To become a good partner of psychiatric clinics and counseling centers, providing clientele, tools, and social circles.
  • Develop direct services targeting the sub-healthy population, such as EAP (Employee Assistance Program).

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