About Joyworkers

We are a multidisciplinary team comprised of psychiatrists, psychologists, physical therapists, information engineers, public relations experts, and others from Taiwan, the United States, and around the world.

We are passionate about mental health and brain health, aiming to enhance the mental well-being and happiness of global Chinese communities.

We are committed to exploring meaningful applications of various AI, information, and medical technologies in psychiatry, neuroscience, and psychology. We hope that the products and services developed by Joyworkers will be embraced by frontline mental health professionals, bringing clinical value, and benefiting the general public.

【Team's statement】


Galen Hung

No health without mental health! We aim to combine psychiatry and smart technology to usher in a new era of mental and physical health! 

Finance Department 

Anya Lin

Perhaps your seed will never blossom, for it is a towering tree.

Smart Engineering Department 

Alvis Lu 

Enhance the efficiency and convenience of psychological counseling using technology.

Smart Engineering Department 


As a member of Joyworks Technology, I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of this team. The team not only has high cohesion but also possesses a very high level of professionalism. I hope to grow rapidly with Xiye and make a comprehensive contribution to this field.

Blossom Clinic Business Division 

Huang jui Yuan

Integrating technology and humanistic care blossoms into beautiful flowers.

Product Development Department 

Yu Hsinag-Ting

The greatest reward of joining Joyworks is collaborating with a group of excellent partners from diverse professions to create various tools that make mental and physical healthcare more convenient and accessible.

Product Development Department 


Each visitor to the clinic is unique, encountering different life stories every day. We look forward to using new technologies to better accompany them through their current challenges.

Corporate Support Department 


I am delighted to work with many excellent partners, creating a positive atmosphere within the team where we learn from and support each other, developing various services to assist others.