MIBY:Your Mind-Body Guide

Miby is your mental and physical guide, appearing when you need it most to provide timely support and accurate knowledge about mental and physical health, helping you take care of yourself and regain balance.

The origin

We all know how helpless it feels to experience pain, panic, and anxiety, and how much we long for immediate support and companionship during such times. However, it is not always easy to contact professional mental and physical health doctors, psychologists, and nurses immediately. MIBY serves as a bridge connecting life's hardships with professional assistance.

The Joyworks AI team collaborates with psychiatrist specialists Chin-Lun Hung and Tze-Chun Tang, aiming to leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology complemented by an extensive repository of expertise in the field of mental health. Their goal is to create a GPT model that embodies empathy and possesses fundamental mental and physical health knowledge.

MIBY Terms of Service

🚫This bot does not provide medical services, including diagnosis, treatment, counseling, etc. Therefore, except in cases permitted under Article 6 of the Personal Information Protection Act, we do not collect, process, or utilize personal information as defined in Article 6 of the Personal Information Protection Act. Please do not disclose personal information.

Come and get to know MIBY!

Miby is a spiritual Formosan sika deer, thriving in the misty mountains of Taiwan.

She possesses direct and profound wisdom, appearing in your most desperate moments.

Come close to Miby, gently stroke her head, let her guide you through the fog, to reach the village glowing with love and hope.

*Miby is a chatbot designed and operated by mental health professionals. Her mission is to help you better understand your mental and physical well-being, preparing you to take steps towards seeking assistance. Miby cannot replace any medical activities, including diagnosis, psychological counseling, and treatment. Before using MIBY, please read the "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policy". We also welcome you to fill out the feedback questionnaire to help us improve MIBY together!

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